What are your rental prices for instruments?
This depends on the type of instrument, the size of the instrument and the model. Please contact us for full details

What about insurance?
If you are renting an instrument from us you must insure the instrument against loss and damage. We can provide details of Insurers if you need them.

Do you have terms and conditions?
We do indeed - please contact us, and we can provide you with a copy of our standard terms and condidtions.

Help - I need advice on how to change a string...
Call Charlotte or Charles. Both of us can guide you through changing a string and other care issues.

Oh dear - I think the soundpost has fallen down!
Call Charlotte or Charles and we will arrange for you to bring the instrument to us for checking and a 'service' if this is needed.

How do I stop hiring an instrument?
If you decide that you want to stop hiring for whatever reason, we just need one term's notice in writing.

Right - I want to learn to play a stringed instrument. How do I find a teacher?
Charlotte can help you with this. If you are in the Somerset area and want to learn cello then she may be able to teach you herself (subject to a lesson time being available). Otherwise she will be able to provide advice and help to find a teacher in your area.